The most professional hair straightener in the market: Chi Hair Straightener

Published: 17th August 2011
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The professional stylist grooms your hair and styles it in the latest fashion to make you look glamorous and beautiful. The most important tool that a hair stylist uses to give that chic, stylish look is the hair straightener or iron; an electrical apparatus that uses heat to straighten or curl your hair any which way you like.

Amongst the many brands of hair straighteners available in the market for professional and amateur hair stylists, the CHI Hair Straightener is among the few top ones along with the GHD Hair Straightener.

Chi Hair Straightener

Standard features of Chi Hair Straightener:
* CHI irons create straight shiny hair from even really frizzy unmanageable hair .
* CHI irons have ceramic curved edged iron plates that let you to straighten or curl hair easily.
* CHI iron has full digital display of temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius as against the more common numbered dial or high/low heat switch which keep you guessing.
* CHI iron heats very quickly so that you can start straightening your hair immediately s after switching on.
* Chi iron has an automatic shut-off feature so that you can rest assured even if you leave the iron turned on.
* CHI iron has a swivel cord that makes moving in any direction easy and effortless.

There are some important features that differ in different models of Chi Hair Straightener and you can opt for the different models depending upon your hair type, frequency of use etc

Width of Ironing plates
The width of the plates range from 0.5 inch to 2.5 inches and you can select according to your hair type, if you are a professional or amateur and so on. e.g. if you have short hair, the 0,5 inches wide plate will suffice. For longer and thicker hair, a wider plate is recommended.

Length of Ironing Plates
Although most Chi hair straighteners have the same length; 4.5 inches but there are models with longer plates that are recommended for longer, thicker hair. Longer plates are used for faster results but the results are not better in quality than shorter blades.

GHD Hair Straightener
GHD Hair Straightener is another efficient tool to keep your hair looking fabulous all the time, making it easy to style your hair any way you like. Elegantly sleek and straight or big and bouncy, or flawlessly curly, the choice is yours.

Standard features that are incorporated in almost all models of GHD Hair Straightener are comparable to Chi Hair Straightener. There are some special features that are only found in a GHD Hair Straightener only such as the universal voltage, a traveling necessity.

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