Monster Beats Headphones - The High-End Home Listeners to DJs

Published: 18th April 2011
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The Monster Beats headphone is pitched in the entry degree market. as a mean of address the voluble cable problem, the beats headphone cable respectively adopts Dura flex long lasting of new patent technique, Monster exceptional Micro Strand Conductors of higher purity primary and multilayer spiral package deal patent structure, coordinating Flux Tube magnetism center primary wire, realizing the much better signal transmit and antigambling capability, delivering the extremely long lasting and at ease cable body, also address the dilemma of voluble cable problem.

The plug of beats headphone is 24k jewelry connection, meanwhile via the acid cure, which could make certain prevent oxidation for lengthy time, allow each track hold with powerful bass and nuts feelings, offer you the new music experience.

Monster Beats was also one particular of exhibitor users with this exhibition, employing the newest headphone approach and acoustics design, Monster Beats has won the international a reputation for many best good quality headphones. Users and new music fans could also get pleasure from the feast of beats headphones. Many hundreds of new music fans are nuts in regards to the tone good quality and special style and design of Monster Beats headphone.

Monster beats headphones mixed wool

Soft sable rabbit mixed wool surface and opening let ladies with finger in the bag between stop to do not come down, Aureate under a copper ring like a fountain purging out of all kinds of leather tassel let the accomplishment and gratefully recalling incense on the stage of velvet curtain praise the knot clasp.

The Beats are a set of over-ear headphones created by Monster, with collaboration from renowned rapper. The headphones feature active noise cancellation and detailed audio. They also come with a good set of extras, including multiple adapters and two cables, one of which has a microphone. These cords are detachable, which allow the Beats to easily connect to a home stereo system, providing the user has a long enough audio cable lying around. For those who like portability, the Beats can fold up to minimize the amount of space they take up.

Monster Beats headphone had a good frequency response

The bass was loud, but not overpowering, and had an even, well-rounded emphasis. Itís a little weak compared to the surrounding frequencies, however. There was a fair amount of distortion present in the middle frequencies, which tailed off towards the high-end, so these headphones probably won't be a good choice for music purists. The headphones also have relatively weak isolation and poor leakage control. Keep this in mind when you're in a quiet public area, like a museum or library.

Most of the Monster Beats headphone line is high end but always targeted at the mainstream: it's the upgrade to your iPod's stock ear buds or the basic headphones you bought for your notebook. The Beats, however, is billed as a professional headphone set for anyone from high-end home listeners to DJs and even audio engineers. With a price tag larger than many computers, we have high hopes for these reportedly audiophile quality earpieces; read on to our Beats Pro review for our take.

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